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2016 Ford Explorer Sport: Unleashing the Power

2016 Ford Explorer Sport

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The 2016 Ford Explorer Sport offers a powerful V6 engine and sporty handling for an exhilarating driving experience. Known for its performance and versatility, this SUV is a standout choice for those seeking both style and functionality.

With its spacious interior, advanced technology features, and impressive off-road capabilities, the Ford Explorer Sport is perfect for adventurous drivers and families alike. Whether navigating city streets or hitting the trails, this vehicle delivers a smooth and comfortable ride. The Explorer Sport’s sleek design and robust performance make it a top contender in the midsize SUV segment, appealing to those who prioritize both power and comfort in their vehicles.

2016 Ford Explorer Sport: Unleashing the Power


Evolution Of Ford Explorer Sport

The Ford Explorer Sport has continually evolved to meet the changing demands and preferences of SUV enthusiasts. From its inception to the latest 2016 model, the Explorer Sport has embraced innovation and performance.

Changes In The 2016 Model

With the launch of the 2016 Ford Explorer Sport, remarkable advancements and improvements were introduced, embodying Ford’s commitment to excellence. The changes in the 2016 model set a new standard for the SUV segment, elevating the driving experience for enthusiasts.

Some notable changes in the 2016 Ford Explorer Sport include:

  • Enhanced aerodynamics to improve fuel efficiency
  • Upgraded technology features for seamless connectivity
  • Improved safety and driver-assist functionalities

The 2016 model also saw a focus on design refinement, with striking aesthetics and a sleek interior that elevated the overall appeal of the Explorer Sport.

Performance Upgrades

The 2016 Ford Explorer Sport offers an array of impressive performance enhancements that set it apart from the competition. With advanced technology and engineering, this SUV delivers an exhilarating driving experience like no other. Let’s delve into the performance upgrades that make the 2016 Ford Explorer Sport a top choice for enthusiasts.

Enhanced Engine Power

The heart of the 2016 Ford Explorer Sport lies in its powerful engine, which has been optimized to provide impressive performance on both city streets and rugged terrains. With its turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost engine, this SUV delivers a remarkable output of 365 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque. The EcoBoost technology ensures quick acceleration and enhanced fuel efficiency, making every drive a thrill while minimizing stops at the gas pump.

Additionally, the 2016 Ford Explorer Sport comes with a sport-tuned exhaust system, which not only complements the aggressive styling but also enhances the engine’s growl. This gives the SUV a captivating presence on the road, turning heads wherever it goes.

Improved Handling And Suspension

The 2016 Ford Explorer Sport takes handling and suspension to new heights. Equipped with a sport-tuned suspension system and electric power-assisted steering, this SUV offers precise and responsive control. It effortlessly tackles corners with confidence and maintains stability at high speeds, providing an engaging and enjoyable driving experience.

Furthermore, the advanced terrain management system allows you to effortlessly switch between four different drive modes (normal, mud/rut, sand, and grass/gravel/snow) to optimize traction and stability based on the road conditions. Whether you’re tackling off-road trails or navigating slick city streets, the 2016 Ford Explorer Sport has got you covered.

For added performance, this SUV also features larger brakes with vented discs for improved stopping power. The brake system ensures that you can confidently bring the 2016 Ford Explorer Sport to a halt, even in emergency situations.

Exterior Design

The exterior design of the 2016 Ford Explorer Sport is a true reflection of its athletic nature and rugged appeal. From distinctive styling elements to aerodynamic features, this SUV stands out in the crowd with its bold and commanding presence.

Distinctive Styling

The 2016 Ford Explorer Sport boasts a unique and eye-catching design that sets it apart from its competitors. With its bold grille, muscular body lines, and flared wheel arches, this SUV exudes an air of confidence and strength. The sleek and aggressive headlights add to its dynamic exterior, while the available dual-panel moonroof lets in an abundance of natural light, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

Furthermore, the Explorer Sport features sleek LED taillights that not only provide enhanced visibility but also give the vehicle a modern and distinctive look. The dual exhaust system with the chrome exhaust tips adds a touch of sportiness to the rear, completing the overall stylish appearance of this standout SUV.

Aerodynamic Features

In addition to its striking looks, the 2016 Ford Explorer Sport is equipped with a range of aerodynamic features that contribute to its impressive performance and fuel efficiency. These aerodynamic enhancements include a carefully sculpted body shape, a rear spoiler, and underbody shields that help minimize drag and optimize airflow.

The sculpted body shape of the Explorer Sport not only looks sleek but also aids in reducing wind resistance. The rear spoiler not only adds a sporty accent but also helps improve aerodynamics by minimizing turbulence. The underbody shields help smooth the airflow underneath the vehicle, reducing drag and improving fuel efficiency.

Combined, these aerodynamic features ensure that the 2016 Ford Explorer Sport cuts through the air with minimal resistance, allowing for better handling and improved fuel economy. Whether cruising down the highway or navigating city streets, this SUV delivers an exhilarating drive while minimizing its impact on the environment.

2016 Ford Explorer Sport: Unleashing the Power


Interior Features

The 2016 Ford Explorer Sport boasts an impressive array of interior features that provide a luxurious and technologically advanced driving experience. From its well-crafted cabin to its seamless integration of cutting-edge technology, the Explorer Sport offers a comfortable and connected environment for both drivers and passengers.

Luxurious Cabin

The interior of the 2016 Ford Explorer Sport is designed with a focus on luxury and comfort, offering ample space and premium materials throughout. The cabin features leather-trimmed seating surfaces and a heated steering wheel, ensuring a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Additionally, the dual-panel moonroof allows natural light to flood the spacious interior, further enhancing the overall ambience.

Advanced Technology Integration

As a testament to its commitment to innovation, the 2016 Ford Explorer Sport seamlessly integrates advanced technology within its interior. The SYNC 3 infotainment system provides intuitive access to navigation, entertainment, and communication features, enhancing the overall driving experience. Enhanced Active Park Assist and the 180-degree camera with split-view display offer advanced convenience and safety, making every journey both pleasurable and secure.

Driving Experience

The 2016 Ford Explorer Sport offers a dynamic and thrilling Driving Experience, blending power and comfort seamlessly.

Acceleration And Speed

The 2016 Ford Explorer Sport boasts impressive acceleration with its powerful engine, allowing for exhilarating drives.

Comfort And Convenience

Indulge in comfort and convenience with the luxurious interior and innovative features of the 2016 Ford Explorer Sport.

Safety And Technology

When it comes to the 2016 Ford Explorer Sport, safety and technology are top priorities. Let’s delve into the safety features and technology offerings of this impressive vehicle.

Advanced Safety Features

The Ford Explorer Sport is equipped with advanced safety features to ensure a secure driving experience:

  • Adaptive cruise control with collision warning
  • Lane-keeping system
  • Enhanced active park assist

Infotainment System

The Ford Explorer Sport boasts a cutting-edge infotainment system that keeps you connected on the go:

  1. 8-inch touchscreen display
  2. Sony premium audio system
  3. SiriusXM satellite radio

Frequently Asked Questions On 2016 Ford Explorer Sport

What Are The Key Features Of The 2016 Ford Explorer Sport?

The 2016 Ford Explorer Sport boasts a powerful V6 engine, impressive towing capacity, and luxurious interior amenities.

How Does The Fuel Efficiency Of The 2016 Ford Explorer Sport Compare?

With its EcoBoost engine technology, the 2016 Ford Explorer Sport delivers solid fuel efficiency for a midsize SUV.

What Safety Features Are Standard In The 2016 Ford Explorer Sport?

Equipped with advanced safety technologies like rearview camera, blind-spot monitoring, and lane-keeping assist, the 2016 Ford Explorer Sport prioritizes driver security.

Can The 2016 Ford Explorer Sport Accommodate A Large Family?

Featuring three rows of seating, ample cargo space, and user-friendly tech, the 2016 Ford Explorer Sport is ideal for families on the go.

2016 Ford Explorer Sport: Unleashing the Power



The 2016 Ford Explorer Sport is a top choice for anyone seeking a reliable, capable, and stylish SUV. Its powerful engine, spacious interior, and advanced technology make it a standout in its class. With its impressive performance and numerous convenient features, the 2016 Ford Explorer Sport is a compelling option for those in the market for a high-quality vehicle.


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