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Widebody Mustang: Unleashing the Power and Style

Ford Mustang, Meet Ford, Meetford Widebody Mustang

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The Widebody Mustang is a high-performance version of the iconic Ford Mustang with widened bodywork for enhanced aerodynamics and a more aggressive look. Featuring a wider stance and larger wheels, the Widebody Mustang offers improved handling and stability on the road or track.

The Widebody Mustang has captured the attention of automotive enthusiasts worldwide with its bold design and exhilarating performance capabilities. From its distinctive appearance to its powerful engine options, the Widebody Mustang is a standout choice for those seeking a thrilling driving experience.

With enhanced aerodynamics and a sporty stance, this Mustang variant delivers both style and substance. Whether cruising down the highway or tearing up the racetrack, the Widebody Mustang promises an unforgettable ride for any speed enthusiast.

Widebody Mustang
Widebody Mustang

History Of Widebody Mustang

The widebody Mustang GT has a rich history that spans several decades, witnessing significant transformations along the way. From its inception, the Mustang has continually evolved, with the introduction of the widebody design marking a significant milestone in its legacy.

Evolution Of Mustang

The Mustang has undergone a remarkable evolution since its debut in 1964. From the iconic first-generation model to the high-performance widebody Mustang, each iteration has captured the essence of American muscle car prowess.

Introduction Of Widebody Design

The introduction of the widebody design exemplifies Mustang‘s commitment to pushing the boundaries of automotive innovation. With broader fenders and a more aggressive stance, the widebody variation takes the Mustang‘s aesthetic and performance to new heights.

Widebody Mustang: Unleashing the Power and Style


Performance Upgrades

Performance Upgrades: Upgrading the widebody Mustang GT with enhanced engine power and improved handling and suspension can significantly elevate its performance on the road.

Enhanced Engine Power

A key aspect of enhancing the performance of a Mustang widebody is increasing its engine power.

Improved Handling And Suspension

Another critical element in optimizing the performance of the widebody Mustang GT is enhancing its handling and suspension capabilities.

Visual Enhancements

Transform the look of your Ford Widebody Mustang GT with visually appealing upgrades, enhancing both style and performance.

Wider Fenders And Body Kit

Upgrade to wider fenders and body kits for a more aggressive stance on the road, amplifying the bold presence of your Mustang widebody.

Aggressive Aerodynamics

Enhance airflow efficiency and optimal downforce with aggressive aerodynamic elements, improving both performance and aesthetics.

Widebody Mustang Models

When it comes to embracing a wider, more aggressive stance, Widebody Mustang models have been a game-changer in the realm of high-performance cars. The iconic appeal of the Mustang receives a bold and powerful statement with these widebody conversions and factory models. In this article, we’ll explore the popular widebody conversions and factory widebody models that have redefined the Ford Mustang aesthetic.

Popular Widebody Conversions

The widebody Mustang GT has inspired numerous aftermarket widebody conversions, offering enthusiasts the opportunity to create a personalized, muscular appearance. One of the most popular widebody conversions for the Mustang is the Liberty Walk LB-Works kit, which provides a widened profile and aggressive styling to the classic muscle car. Additionally, the Rocket Bunny widebody kit has gained traction for its distinctive fender flares and aerodynamic enhancements. These aftermarket conversions have allowed Mustang owners to express their individuality and elevate the visual impact of their vehicles.

Factory Widebody Models

Factory widebody Mustang models, such as the Mustang Shelby GT500 and Mustang Mach 1, have embraced wider body designs from the production line. The Mustang Shelby GT500 features a factory widebody configuration, with extended fender flares and a pronounced front splitter, enhancing the car’s aerodynamics and contributing to a more aggressive appearance. On the other hand, the Mustang Mach 1 boasts an integrated widebody design, providing a bold and distinctive look right off the assembly line. These factory models showcase the evolution of the Mustang’s design, catering to enthusiasts seeking an enhanced widebody experience without aftermarket modifications.


Impact On The Mustang Community

The introduction of the widebody Mustang GT has had a significant impact on the Mustang community. Not only has it sparked a surge of interest and excitement among Mustang enthusiasts, but it has also brought about numerous changes and developments within the community. In this article, we will explore two key aspects of the widebody Mustang’s impact, namely the increased popularity of customization and its influence on future Mustang designs.

Increased Popularity Of Customization

The widebody Mustang GT has revolutionized the way enthusiasts approach customization. With its wider stance, aggressive fender flares, and muscular appearance, it has become a canvas for owners to express their individuality and personal style. The unique design of the widebody Mustang has inspired a wave of aftermarket accessories and modifications, ranging from custom wheels and tires to aerodynamic enhancements and engine upgrades.

This increased popularity of customization has forged a strong sense of community among Mustang owners, as they share their experiences and showcase their one-of-a-kind creations. Social media platforms are abuzz with vibrant discussions, where owners proudly exhibit their widebody Mustangs and exchange tips and ideas. The widebody Mustang’s influence has not only revitalized the customization scene but has also encouraged collaboration and camaraderie among enthusiasts.

Influence On Future Mustang Designs

The introduction of the widebody Mustang GT has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on future Mustang designs. Ford has taken note of the overwhelmingly positive response and the demand for more aggressive and muscular aesthetics. As a result, we can expect to see design cues and elements inspired by the widebody Mustang in upcoming models.

This influence on future designs extends beyond just aesthetics. The wider body of the Mustang not only enhances its visual appeal but also improves performance by allowing for wider wheels and tires, better grip, and increased stability. Ford’s engineers are likely to build upon this concept, leveraging the benefits of the widebody design to further enhance the driving experience and performance capabilities of future Mustangs.

With the widebody Mustang leading the way, the future of Mustang designs looks more exciting than ever. Enthusiasts can anticipate innovative and captivating designs that embody the spirit of the widebody Mustang GT, ensuring that the Mustang community continues to thrive and evolve.

Widebody Mustang: Unleashing the Power and Style


The Widebody Kit

A widebody kit for the Mustang GT typically includes extended fenders, side skirts, and sometimes front and rear bumpers, designed to widen the vehicle’s stance. This not only provides a more aggressive look but can also improve aerodynamics and accommodate wider tires for better traction and handling. The choice of a widebody kit is a significant first step in transforming your Mustang GT into a head-turning masterpiece.

Choosing the Right Widebody Kit for Your Mustang GT

Manufacturer vs. Custom Kits

When selecting a widebody kit, you have the option between manufacturer kits, which are often more reliable and fit precisely, and custom kits, which offer unique designs and personalization but may require more adjustments for perfect alignment. Manufacturer kits are typically recommended for those seeking quality assurance and a straightforward installation process, while custom kits appeal to those desiring a one-of-a-kind appearance.

Material Considerations: Durability and Weight

The material of the widebody kit significantly affects the vehicle’s performance and longevity. Fiberglass, carbon fiber, and polyurethane are common materials, each with its advantages. Fiberglass is cost-effective and easily repairable, carbon fiber is lightweight and durable but expensive, and polyurethane offers flexibility and resistance to minor impacts. Balancing the benefits of each material with your budget and performance goals is crucial.

Installation Process: DIY or Professional?

Step-by-Step Overview

Installing a widebody kit on a Mustang GT can range from straightforward to complex, depending on the kit’s design and the car’s customization level. A basic installation process involves removing the factory fenders and bumpers, test-fitting the new panels, and securing them in place, often requiring modifications to the vehicle’s body for a seamless fit.

Time and Cost Estimates

The installation time can vary widely, from a few days to several weeks, depending on the kit’s complexity and whether the work is done professionally or as a DIY project. Professional installation is recommended for those seeking precision and can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000, including painting and labor, while DIY installations can significantly reduce financial outlay but require a substantial time investment.

Legal and Insurance Considerations

Navigating Registration and Legal Modifications

Before undertaking widebody modifications, it’s essential to check local regulations regarding vehicle modifications to ensure compliance. Some regions may have strict rules about altering a vehicle’s original dimensions or require special inspections post-modification.

Insurance Implications of Widebody Modifications

Informing your insurance company about modifications to your Mustang GT is crucial, as failure to do so may invalidate your policy in the event of a claim. Some insurers might increase premiums for modified vehicles, while others specialize in covering custom cars, offering policies that acknowledge the added value of modifications.

Maintenance and Care

Routine Maintenance for a Widebody Mustang GT

Maintaining a widebody Mustang GT involves regular checks and care to ensure the modifications do not adversely affect the vehicle’s performance. This includes inspecting attachment points for signs of wear or damage, ensuring wide tires are correctly aligned and balanced, and keeping the bodywork clean to prevent damage to the finish.

Long-Term Care Tips and Tricks

To preserve the condition and appearance of your widebody kit, regular washing and waxing are recommended, along with prompt repair of any chips or scratches in the bodywork to prevent rust. Additionally, consider ceramic coatings or paint protection films to guard against environmental damage and maintain the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal.

Widebody Mustang
Widebody Mustang

Frequently Asked Questions For Widebody Mustang

How Much Does A Widebody Mustang Cost?

The cost of a widebody Mustang varies depending on the brand, materials used, and labor involved. It can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands.

Is A Widebody Kit Worth It For A Mustang?

A widebody kit can significantly enhance the appearance and performance of a Mustang, giving it a more aggressive and unique look. It is worth considering if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Does A Widebody Affect The Handling Of A Mustang?

Yes, a widebody kit can affect the handling of a Mustang. The wider stance improves stability and grip, but it may also increase the overall weight and decrease maneuverability slightly.

Can I Install A Widebody Kit On My Mustang Myself?

While it is technically possible to install a widebody kit on your Mustang yourself, it is best to have it done by professionals. They have the necessary skills and equipment to ensure a proper fit and finish.


To sum up, the widebody modification adds a sleek and aggressive aesthetic to the Mustang. It enhances the car’s performance and turns heads wherever it goes. Whether you’re a Mustang enthusiast or a car lover in general, the widebody Mustang is a powerful, eye-catching choice that demands attention on the road.


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